N1MM Logger Website | FAQ – Website Questions and Answers

4.7 FAQ – Website Questions and Answers

1. Who operates the N1MM Logger Documentation website?

This website was built and is maintained by K8UT – Larry Gauthier. Inquiries regarding the operation of the website (website bugs, website features, website enhancements) should be directed to him.

2. Do I need an account to access the documents on this website?

No and Yes. Anonymous users can connect to the website and read or download all of the wiki website contents. However, you will need to register (free) in order to submit Bug Reports or Feature Requests.

3. What is the advantage of registering and logging in to this website?

Registered users will be able to submit Bug Reports or Feature Requests, and set preferences for various options. For example, registered users can be notified of changes to specific pages in the wiki via a Watch List feature. Registered users can also maintain a list of wiki Bookmarks – making navigation to frequently visited portions of the wiki very fast and easy.

4. Who maintains the contents of the documents on the website?

The contents of the Manuals are maintained by a group of volunteer Editors who contribute their time and efforts to the program. You can see the names of the most recent editors at the bottom of each section when viewing the manuals on-line.

5. This website is described as a wiki. What does that mean?

A wiki is a special kind of website designed to allow a community of editors to collaborate and write a single piece of work (a manual, in this case). Let’s compare the wiki model to the encyclopedia model.

Perhaps a door-to-door Encyclopedia Britannica salesman sold your parents a subscription to the encyclopedia. Each month, a new book – usually the next letter of the alphabet (A, B, C…) – arrived at your house. After 24 months you’d have the complete set. Each subsequent year you’d receive “updates” to information contained in the original series.

A wiki is the exact opposite of an encyclopedia. Rather than an expensive, tightly controlled, slow method of dispersing information; a wiki is a free, open participation, fast process for making information available. The content in a wiki is contributed by dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of authors whose work is immediately available to web browsers worldwide. The Wikipedia wiki is an excellent example of the power of a wiki.

6. I think I’d like to help. How do I volunteer?

If you’d like to volunteer as an Editor, send an email to N4ZR, Pete Smith.


  1. Can some please help. Total newbie with logging software also really confused trying to navigate website. I have a yaesu ft-891 and can not get N1MM to work. please help as I would like to get up to date with a basic electronic log as well as contesting. Paper logs are getting old. Thanks.

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