N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.7825.exe

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  • Version 1.0.7825 (July 9, 2019)
    World Wide Digi DX Contest: (WWDIGI) Initial coding (W0YK) (Coded by N1MM)
    Fixed RTE when exiting Configurer and there is a user error in digital setup. (NN3RP/YN2RP) (Coded by N2IC)
    Radio Control: Added FTDX101D to the code. The radio menu item is disabled. Please test the experimental version. (EA5FV) (Coded by K3CT)
    Fixed missing checkmark in Entry Window.
    IARU: Fixed HQ multiplier window display. (W1KM) (Coded by N2IC)
    WSJT Radio: Correct Double parse RT error generated with users that use, as a decimal seperator. (Coded by N2AMG)
    Added GridFieldMap for WWDIGI and any other contest that uses Grid Fields as multipliers. Added a world map as well (Coded by K3CT, N1MM)