N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.7900.exe

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  • Version 1.0.7900 (Aug 13, 2019) WSJT Decode List: Added SNR to the list display. (Coded by N2AMG) WSJT Decode List: During the WWDIGI contest shows assumed points for each station in the list. (Coded by N2AMG) WSJT Decode List and WSJT Radio window were not saving their locations correctly. This is now fixed. (Coded by N2AMG) Winkey: Fix problem seen by one XP user. (KE2D) (Coded by N2IC) WSJT Decode List: Clicking in the window anyplace will now shift Radio and keyboard focus to the parent Entry Window of the list. (Coded by N2AMG) Fix Blacklist Spots and Blacklist Spotters when using Telnet windows to edit their callsigns. (Coded by N2IC) WWDIGI: Change Cabrillo format to 3.0 (W0YK) (Coded by N1MM) Cabrillo: Changed V3.0 mode for Digital to “DIGI” (W0YK) (Coded by N1MM)

    QTC Window Changes (Coded by N2AMG)

    1. Allows ` key to be passed to the Entry Window.
    2. Allows F1-F12 passed to the Entry Window Note: Pressing the TU F-key will Send the TU message, Save the current QTC in SQTC or RQTC and close the QTC Window Pressing the Agn F-Key will send the AGN message associated with the current QTC line in the QTC window.
    3. In CW RQTC allows for keypress 1, 2, 3, to be configured to what the user wants to send. See Setup window.
    4. in CW SQTC allows te QTC field spacing to be configured. Default is one Space character. See Setup window. Fixes for Microwave bands and logging incorrect freq issue. Added 2.5mm band (122.5-123GHz), corrected 2mm band frequencies from 142-149GHz to 134-141GHz (FCC-Assigned). Added a warning message in LogContact2 to inform user of possible wrong frequency logged. (W3SZ, K1RZ) (Coded by NA3M)