N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.7960.exe

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  • Entry Window: Changed the Config menu first line wording. (K3WYC) (Coded by K3CT)

    AZ QSO Party: Changed the bonus station callsign. (Coded by K3CT)

    Callstack Window: Window state was not saved to .ini file. It is now (Coded by N2AMG)

    WSJT Interface: Complete re-write of radio TCP connection. Is now a multi-connectiion client. (Coded by N2AMG)

    This will now allow for users to switch configurations and the need to restart the radio connection is no longer needed.

    This should also result in the radio dropouts as were previously happening.

    Reworks the connection status on the WSJT Radio window.

    Adjusts some code needed for use with upcoming release of JTDX with FT4 Mode. (Coded by N2AMG)

    Entry Window: In RTTY when call is in On Deck window pressing Enter in ESM with the Big Gun switch on and MyCall Key highlighted will drop the call into the Entry Window and call the station. (K6LL)(Coded by N2AMG)

    Documentation PDF: Changed program download pointer >Tools "Download latest N1MM Logger PDF" for new File Manager on the website (Coded by K8UT)