N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8006 (Nov 5, 2019)

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  • Make Reverse I/Q flag sticky (LU3BTY) (Coded by N1MM)

    Add a warning if the user adds CATASC KY function key definitions for sending CW. (WV4P) (Coded by N2IC)

    WSJT/JTDX: Correct issue where JTDX kept closing after it was loaded. (Coded by N2AMG)

    Fixed translation error whenever dictionary was used as parameter to InputBox. Created InputBoxW which handles Unicode. (Coded by AB2ZY)

    JTDX: When recieving a log from JTDX was not properly sending ACK back to JTDX upon reciept of the log. (Coded by N2AMG)

    CWReader: Corrects issue where upon loading the CWReader the radio needed to be reset. (Many) (Coded by N2AMG)

    Enabled skins functionality on LanguagePack form (Coded by AB2ZY)