N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8029 (Dec 3, 2019)

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  • When Gritty's ini file patch can't be written to give warning. (Coded by N2AMG)

    Digital: Corrects output format when Output recieved text to file is enabled. (Coded by N2AMG)

    OTRSP and STEREO switching: fixed a string replacement issue (N2IC) (Coded by KU7T)

    Added two new fields to the Radio UDP broadcast message: IsTransmitting and FunctionKeyCaption (SJ2W) (Coded by N2IC)

    Experimental: Restored the multiple CQ Freq search lost a few months ago. Click CQ/Clr to show best 5 CQ frequencies. Jump between them with Shift+up/down. (Coded by N1MM)