N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8131 (Feb 4, 2020)

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  • XMAS contest: Reverse the order of the Summary window titles. (Peter no-call) (Coded by K3CT)

    Station Setup Window: Fixed the Help button link to website page (coded by K8UT)

    Improved detection of off-screen windows (Coded by N1MM)

    New MorseRunner implementation. Use of MorseRunner is now completely self-contained in N1MM Logger+. No need to separately download, change, or start any MorseRunner files. (Thanks, K1XM)(Coded by N2IC)

    CWOPS: Change Cabrillo to V3.0 (VE3MV) (Coded by N1MM)

    Packet Server Ratings: EXPERIMENTAL - Telnet Window automatically reports Success or Failure connecting to the selected Packet Cluster. (coded by K8UT)

    Cluster Name, Cluster Address, Pass/Fail, TimeStamp, and sender's CQZone and Continent are sent to a database on the website.

    This code will run for one week, after which the DevTeam will review the results and decide how best to exploit the collected data.

    Inactive Contest List: Removed the LZBALCHIK contest from the obsolete contest list. (OR2F)(coded by K8UT)