N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8211 (Mar 3, 2020)

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  • Fixed continuous calls to change RX focus if MK2R in use. (AB2ZY) (Coded by AB2ZY)

    Fldigi: Adds additional check to the path of Fldigi to make sure the file is actually in the correct path. (Coded by N2AMG)

    CW RX Window: Com ports were not showing under the TNC settings. This has been fixed.. (Coded by N2AMG)

    Icon: Updated the titlebar icon image in many windows. (NA3M) (Coded by K3CT)

    Logger+ Audio: Do not use the concatenating audio player even if enabled when autosend is used. The concatenating audio player does not allow the callsign to be changed after the audio message has started. (K8JQ) (Coded by K3CT)

    Telnet Window: increasing maximum length of button messages (filter strings) from 255 to 1000 (Coded by KU7T)

    MorseRunner: Added Alt-Shift PageUp/PageDown to change the sidetone pitch. (Coded by N2IC)

    Master.scp file update (Coded by KU7T)

    Added a few RemoveHandler calls (Coded by KU7T)