N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8317 (Apr 14, 2020)

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  • Bandmap: Clean up display when radio is not yet initialized (Coded by N1MM)

    Support broadcast of computer names on Hamachi VPN to allow auto-configure of N1MM+ Networking (K4XU) (Coded by N1MM)

    New contest "SAMOVAR" added, replacement for RFChamp CW for this year (UA2FZ) (Coded by NA3M)

    New contest "SAMOVAR": IsQsoNumbersByBand is set to True for Multi-Multi Distributed category (Coded by NA3M)

    ARCI: Reverse the Jan 21 change to remove the ARCI contest. (N4KD) (Coded by K3CT)

    CQ-M contest - changed score calculation per new rules (RG9A) (Coded by NA3M)

    New contest "SAMOVAR": fixed incorrect oblast detection for old UA2 callsigns. UA, UA9, UA2 exluded from country mults (UA2FZ) (Coded by NA3M)

    JIDX: Display error message if user attempts to log with and invalid prefecture. (Coded by N2IC)

    GCUP Contest: Add an error message when a zone greater than 90 is logged. (Coded by K3CT)

    ECLIPSE Contest: Corrected the mode string. (Coded by K3CT)

    Dual-EntryWindow Frequency Tuning Indicator: Enables a visual indication when the frequency of a radio has changed. Helps in SO2V or SO2R scenarios as it is easier to see what which radio has QSYed. (Coded by KU7T)

    JIDX: Correct default start time (K8IA) (Coded by N1MM)

    Packet Server Ratings: Added rating values (sucessful hits, percent success) to the Telnet Clusters "Live Telnet List" (LY5T)(coded by K8UT)

    RDAC, SAMOVAR contests: added reminder to enter proper LOCATION value in the Cabrillo file. (coded by MA3M)

    New contest "SAMOVAR": fixed multiplier calculation bug for new country and new zone for a QSO with for non-RU station (UA2FZ) (coded by NA3M)

    New contest "SAMOVAR": Multipliers/Zones window - limited number of zones to 7 for this contest only (coded by NA3M)