N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8701 (Oct 13, 2020)

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  • Updated Oblast.sec file (RA3AN) (coded by NA3M) Check WSJT version before launch (coded by AB2ZY) Update Entry window score fields when rescore is done (OH1ZAA) (Coded by N1MM) Software Automation: Adding RadioInfo Xml to hidden control in EntryWindow so tools like AutoHotKey can integrate with N1MM+ easier. Sample AHK script will be posted on mail reflector. (Coded by KU7T) Software testing: Developer only feature to create large number of incoming skimmer spots (Coded by KU7T) Software testing: Added a few developer only print outs to the Info window (Coded by KU7T) Performance: Fix for EntryWindow, Available, and others window's sluggishness when receiving large number of DX spots (multiple users) (Coded by KU7T) Performance: Optimizing spot removal. Instead of refreshing all spots in all window, sending only the deleted spots, making UI more fluid (Coded by KU7T) High spot volume: Number of total spots in the system is set to 2000. If the actual number is 10% higher, deleting the oldest 10% of the spots (N1MM) (Coded by KU7T) High spot volume: Making sure added and deleted spots are always sent in batches. (Coded by KU7T) Available Window Performance: Optimization for batch processing, eliminate repeated sorting during batch adds. Speed up re-display when the user deletes a spot. (Coded by KU7T and K3CT) Setting sleep time between UDP spots to 10 ms to quiet down the Flex 6000s (Coded by KU7T) Radio: Added IC-705 radio. (Coded by K3CT) Digital: When ESM is off & Work Dupes is checked, enable the ; and ' keys to manually work a dupe. (VE3KI) (Coded by K3CT) NV QSO Party: For out of state users, populate the default setup exchange with the ARRL Section. (WA3AAN) (Coded by K3CT) Statistics window: Performance improvements (Coded by N1MM) Telnet: Fixing issue where toggling preferred spotters check box would not make the change active (K1TTT) (Coded by KU7T) PA QSO: Correct bonus station callsign. (Coded by K3CT) DxLog QSO IDs: Working around rare problem where a QSO does not get a proper GUID assigned and the Log window crashes because of it. The root cause remains unknown (UA4LL, N6MW, K4CQ) (Coded by KU7T) WAG Contest: Bug in database construction for new user, added missing DOK table to the Admin database. (DD6FM) (Coded by K3CT)