N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8730 (Nov 17, 2020)

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  • Multiplier refreshing: Fixed issue where spot's multiplier status was not refreshed properly in all cases (multiple users) (Coded by KU7T) Multiplier windows: Correct which row of a panel is invalidated when updating. Was causing random failures in showing mults. (Coded by N1MM) Multiplier refreshing: Making sure any batched spots are flushed before any QSO is logged/updated/deleted (K3CT, N1MM) (Coded by KU7T) Digital: The nanoIO device was not properly initializing to FSK when the digital window was opening. Corrected (K08V) (Coded by N2AMG) Digital: For TinyFSK and nanoIO devices adds a Send Command to Device window located on the Digital menu bar in the Setup drop down for the devices. (Coded by N2AMG) Bandmap: Refresh bandmap as immediately when spots are deleted (Coded by N1MM) QTCWindow: removes test point left in the code that was clearing the screen when sending QTC's. (coded by N2AMG) Fldigi: reworks recieved text routines converting vbcr characters to vblf characters as Fldigi does not drop lines unless a vblf is included in the text. (coded by N2AMG)