N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8742 (Nov 24, 2020)

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  • RSGB Club Calls contest "RSGBCLUB": only sent serial number is required in Cabrillo file so club info was removed (G4OGB) (Code by NA3M) OKOMDX contest: fix for "CH file was taking precedence over the corrected report from the previous QSO" (N3RD, UA6AA) (Code by NA3M) DigitalRXWindows: Corrects an error that happened when clicking in the RX Window without any text being present. (Coded by N2AMG) Minor invisible Spectrum changes (Coded by N1MM) Mult refresh: Fixed a bug that slowed QSO logging with unnecessary multiplier recalculation and other performance improvements (N2IC) (Coded by KU7T) UDC: added new argument "Sect" to CabrilloString UDC parameter (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M) Logger+ Audio: Fixed a SO2R startup initialization bug when the right radio contains a radio codec. (Coded by K3CT) FT101D: Macro support for the ANTRX1TOGGLE & ANTRX2TOGGLE. The radio uses antenna 3 for the RX antenna. The macro software forces ANT3 to be RX only (Operation Setting > ANT3 SELECT). (N7WY,EA8RM) (Coded by K3CT) Developer Only: Changed the logging threshold of blocking code from 29ms to 50ms. (Coded by K3CT) Digital: Properly terminates Fldigi so the user is not asked Are you sureyou want to exit? (Coded by N2AMG)