N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8841 (Dec 22, 2020)

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  • 10MRTTY contest - removed from the list of available contests. Old logs for this contest can be open (coded by NA3M) Restrict mode entered in Log window to those allowed in Edit Log dialog (W0PSY) (Coded by N1MM) Telnet window: Fixed multiple CrossThreadExceptions (N1MM) (Coded by KU7T) Telnet window: Fixed issue with initialization of the form (N2IC, others) (Coded by KU7T) Spectrum: fix for RTE cross-thread error (Coded by KU7T) Telnet window: Fixed code to switch focus to the main EntryWindow properly (N1MM) (Coded by KU7T) Telnet window: Fixed code to restore a minimized telnet window to previous size and location when requested through the menu (N1MM) (Coded by KU7T) Collecting OS and .Net info as planning for Windows XP deprecation on 1/1/21. Will collect this anonymously for the next n weeks (K8UT) (Coded by KU7T) Added Call History file info to Tools->System Information (Coded by N2IC) Incremented DefaultSettingsVersionNumber (it is now = 310) because IsFixedDirectionalAutoSelect setting was added to Configurer (coded by NA3M) Telnet window: Fixed race condition of opening a new Telnet window and executing code right after. Since telnet window runs in its own thread, need run the exection delayed. (N2IC, VE3RYI) (Coded by KU7T) Telnet window: Allow currently selected telnet cluster to be saved to the locally-stored cluster list. (AC4CA) (Coded by N1MM) Spot comment for local spots: Fixed issue where spot comment and tool tip on bandmap would grow (WB0TEV) (Coded by KU7T) The tool tips setting in "Manage Skins..." is now respected by the Bandmap. (Coded by N2IC) UDC: new udc parameter added - /OverlayCategory/, it adds non-standard name to Overlay category to drop-down menu in the contest setup window. (RA3TT) (coded by NA3M) UDC: Comment field in EW is now prefilled with value from the log. (RA3TT) (coded by NA3M) Allow OTRSP AUX codes greater than 15 to be sent to OTRSP device. (Coded by N2IC) Spectrum: minor change to internals (Coded by N1MM)