N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8930 (Jan 26, 2021)

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  • Add leading space to spectrum window signal count if < 10 to prevent box size from changing (Coded by N1MM) Wav file label display now shows in correct SO2R or SO2V entry window. (Coded by N2IC) MorseRunner: Added persistent CW Pitch setting. (N1EN) (Coded by N2IC) Change to Extio close function (Coded by N1MM) Change to spyserver close function (Coded by N1MM) ReWorks code for showing of WSJTCode window (Coded by N2AMG) When using Other TNC type rx text was showing in the Command Window. Now Fixed. (Coded by N2AMG) Logger+ Audio: Concatenating audio player bug fix, file not found. (NN4RB) (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: Added checking for incorrect use of the {Operator} macro with the !, @, and # macros. (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: If concatenating audio player is enabled, perform file check when Logger+ Audio window is opened. (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: Added additional files to the concatenating audio player audit check. (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: When the concatenating audio player voices two or more numbers in a group, use the advanced method of forty-two instead of four-two. (ON7ET) (Coded by K3CT) Fix runtime error in Log window when running full installer (KU7T) (Coded by N1MM) Fix error in RTE email subject line for some RTEs (Coded by N1MM) Fix accessible name for Operator Category (G3YXX) (Coded by N1MM) Removed United Kingdom countries from EU list in UBA DX contest (ON5ZO) (Coded by N2IC) UDC: new parameter /PointsMultByBand/ added, see updated _UDC_Help.txt for details (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M) Automatic Antenna Switching feature can now be used in S&P mode when station callsign appears in Call frame only (RT4M) (Coded by NA3M) MOROZ QRP contest: fixed ESM bug (UA9CDC) (Coded by NA3M) Contact continent was not being changed when country changed (G0GDU) (Coded by N1MM)