N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.8954 (Feb 2, 2021)

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  • Changed Start Time for February CW and RTTY Sprint to 23Z Saturday. (Coded by N2IC) Logger+ Audio: Removed the change made in 1.0.8930 to the concatenating audio player voicing of two or more numbers in a group. (several) (Coded by K3CT) Multiplier window: added error handlers. (Coded by N1MM) Move to .net 4.6 as minimum required framework version (Coded by KU7T): Removed support of Windows XP Removed N1MMV12WaveLib from both installers Removed N1MMV12WaveLib from all source code projects Removed legacy audio code (including N1MMV12WaveLib) from code base and configurer dialog Full installer: prevent from running on XP, if NET FW < 4.6, install it Updater installer: prevent from running on XP, if NET FW < 4.6, tell user to run full installer configured all projects to produce 4.6 assemblies recompiled RawInput.dll and use Release dll Power scheme message update (K3CT) (Coded by KU7T) Telnet: Set focus to entry window when buttons or tabs clicked (N3RD) (Coded by N1MM) Improved the implementation of multithreading. (Coded by N2IC) Digital The TNC Setup menu now changes it's name depending on what TNC type is loaded. (Coded by N2AMG) Reduce use of threads in Spectrum Window (Coded by N1MM) Moved a developer only message from the Info window to the LogError.txt file. (Coded by K3CT) In the Telnet window buttons, multiple commands are allowed in the same button, with each command separated by ;. Note: With a {CONN node} command in a button, commands after ; are ignored. (Coded by N2IC) UDC: enabled automatic load of .sec file if it is needed by UDC and a warning message if it was not found in ...\N1MM Logger+\SupportFiles folder. (Coded by NA3M) Missing "SubType=" in the first line of .sec file was causing multiple section data records in the LookUp table. (Coded by NA3M)