N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9088 (April 13, 2021)

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  • When using Alt-J to turn a rotator, preferably use the call history file grid square, even if the Grid box isn't filled in. (GM3SEK)(Coded by N2IC) VA QSO Party: Changed VE multipliers. (Coded by K3CT) Check Window, Telnet Pane: Store and use callsigns from telnet spots and self spots in the telnet pane search. Added a Check window right click user selectable spot count threshold to determine which callsigns to use in the telnet pane search. The number of callsigns based on the threshold and total callsigns are shown when the Check window pane is blank. Beacon (/B) callsigns, calls containing "BUST", and spots with a comment containing "BUST" or "B" quality tag are removed/ignored. The accumulated callsigns are retained for 50 hours since the last time spotted. Check every hour and remove callsigns not spotted within the last 50 hours. Save accumulated callsigns in the Packet database file on program exit and reload on program start. (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) Spectrum window: Fix bug in External source entry (Coded by N1MM) Effeciency Improvement: Discovered that spots are removed and immediately reinserted into the spot table. Added code to reduce this additional repetitive spot processing. (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) UCC (Ukrainian Contest Club) udc contest - fixed bug causing incorrect serial numbers in the log when ESM was used in S&P mode (UZ1WW) (Coded by NA3M) Spectrum: make storing of parameters more reliable (W1UE) (Coded by N1MM) Fixed bandmap stepping with ctrl-up, ctrl-down in JIDX contest. (K2PO)(Coded by N2IC)