N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9122 (May 4, 2021)

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  • Entry Window: Layout fix & font change for W10 "Make Text Bigger" moved status bar messages to the left (N7US) (N1MM) Telnet: Add spacing to tab titles (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum window: Added double click on a spot functionality (like AMQ/Bandmap) (W1UE) (Coded by N1MM) EntryWindow: Ctl+Spacebar will highlight the parts of the callsign in turn. Before number/number/after number (PY1NB) (Coded by N1MM) Available window: Alt-A and Alt-Shift-A did not work in ESM + S&P mode (YL2QN) (Coded by K3CT, NA3M) Available window: when using Alt-A or Alt-Shift-A cursor will be wrapping arround the list of callsigns so there is no need to use mouse anymore (YL2QN) (Coded by NA3M) ARIDX: Correct multipliers. (OH1ZAA) (Coded by K3CT) Default settings change for a future release. (Coded by K3CT) OTRSP: when in SO2V mode send "VFO1" or "VFO2" instead of always sending "RX1" (UT4LW) (Coded by NA3M) RCC Cup: show ITU zones as Mults in BandMap and Available windows (UI3A) (Coded by NA3M)