N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9384 (December 21, 2021)

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  • For multi-radio configurations, allow bandmap buttons that contain only macros to be sent to non-transmitting radio. (KI6RRN) (Coded by N2IC) For all Ukrainian contests: Exluded "KR", "SL". Changed NI" oblast to "MY". CallHistory files with Ukrainian oblasts also may need correction (UT5C) (Coded by NA3M) Do not compute total score for DX contest since it is not displayed. (GM3SEK) (Coded by N1MM) NRAU Contest: RunTime Error when trying to export the general log format. (OZ1KKH) (Coded by K3CT) Rookie Roundup: Make those licensed in third year prior (e.g. 2018 this year) show points as rookies. (WB9SBD) (Coded by N1MM) RAC: Change Cabrillo name to match that desired by sponsor (PY4ARS) (Coded by N1MM)