Downloading the Software

Downloading the Software

Download site

Download links:

After downloading the full installer and the most recent update from these two locations, follow the instructions for installing the program at .

To download a brief video tutorial on downloading and installing the N1MM Logger+. Note that the website Downloads menu option has changed since this video was recorded, but the installation instructions are still accurate

Download and watch video of the download and install process HERE

Full Installer

Installing N1MM Logger+ for the first time requires that you download two files – the Full Installer and the Latest Update. The Full Installer file will change infrequently, whereas the Latest Update file changes often, generally once per week.

Locate the Full Installer file on the download site under the menu selection >Downloads >Program Files >Full Install Info >Full Install File. Save the file, named N1MM Logger+ FullInstaller [version number].exe, to your download directory or the desktop of your PC.

You only need to do one Full Install!
Full Installers are not posted very often. If the first part of the current version number (the part before the second .) is the same on the latest Full Installer as it is on your already-installed copy of the program, you do NOT need to run a new Full Installer. To update the program, just download and install the Latest Update.

Latest Update

Locate the Latest Update file on the download site under the menu selection >Downloads >Program Files >Latest Update Info >Latest Update Files. Look for the most recent file (the one with the highest version number – you can click on the heading of the Name column to reverse the sort order, or click on the heading of the Modified column to organize the list in date order, if necessary clicking twice to put the most recent file at the top). Save the file to the same location where you saved the Full Install file. (Exception: if the version number on the Full Install file is the same as the version number on the Latest Update, there is no need to install the Latest Update over the Full Install.)

You only need one Latest Update file!
Each Latest Update file includes the improvements and fixes from all of the preceding files. It is only necessary to download and install one Latest Update file — usually the most recent — to create a completely up-to-date version of N1MM Logger.
Filename Convention for Latest Updates
The syntax for naming Latest Update files is N1MM Logger+ Update [version number].exe. The version number is in the format x.yy.zzzz, where x is a major revision number (likely to change only rarely), yy is the major version number (which also changes only rarely), and zzzz is the minor version number (which changes with every version). Changes to the major version number yy indicate that there has been a change in the system files needed to support the program. Update installers whose yy is different from the installed version’s yy will not install over the existing version. Therefore any time yy changes, users will have to download a new Full Installer program with the new yy number and go through the Full Install process before updating. On the other hand, if the yy number on the current Full Installer is the same as the yy number on your already-installed copy of the program, you do not need to do a new Full Install; just download and run the latest update installer. The minor version number zzzz changes every time a member of the development team makes changes to the program. New update installers are not created every time this happens; therefore, there may be gaps in the zzzz numbers. This is not a problem; unless there is a specific reason to revert to an older version, just install the latest update (the one with the highest zzzz number).

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