Advanced Search

These Advanced Search blocks may look the same at the Search block on the menu line, but they use a different rendering engine and produce better results. For example, if you’re looking for the macro expression {operator} that has {} braces, the website’s menu-line Search will fail but the Advanced Search will succeed.

Unexpected search results
Searching for a text expression will return substring matches of those expressions.

For example: Searching for port will find port, portable, supported and sports

METHOD 1: Search for pages on the website that contain ALL of these text expressions: (This search is identical to using the Search field in the website’s menu-line)


METHOD 2: Search for pages on the website that contain ANY of these text expressions:


METHOD 3: Put the text in quotation marks ” ” to search for pages on the website that contain THIS EXACT expression:

METHOD 3 Explanation
Searching for supported radio will find the adjacent words supported radio and supported radios but not solitary words supported or radio.
Known Bug in Text Searches
The custom plug-in used for Advanced Search has a bug that prevents successful searches when looking for the HTML reserved terms ampersand “&”, greater than “>” or less than “<“. The developer has promised to supply a fix in the next release of the plug-in. In the meantime, you can substitute HTML breakdown expressions of & a m p ; for ampersand, & g t ; for greater than or & l t ; for less than.

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