Finding Help

Finding Help

The On-Line Manual

This WordPress-based manual is maintained in real-time by volunteer authors who make changes to this document as the program changes. If you are reading the >N1MM Manual on the web, you are reading the absolute latest version of the N1MM Logger+ manual. It may lag announced program changes by a few days, but hopefully not more than that.

Off-Line PDF Files

However, you may need to access the N1MM Logger+ manual from a location without Internet access; or you may prefer using Adobe Reader to view and search the manuals.

There are two methods for local storage of the documentation in Adobe PDF format.

  • Automatically download the latest PDF file from within the program by selecting >Tools >Download Latest N1MM Logger pdf manual. This method will automatically locate the file on the website. Save the file to your Documents/N1MM Logger+/SupportFiles folder.
  • Manually download the latest PDF file from the website by selecting >Download >Documentation Download(PDF). With this method, you may save the file to any location, but the recommended directory would be your Documents/N1MM Logger+/SupportFiles folder.
Opening the PDF Manual from within N1MM+
When you download the n1mmplus.pdf file to your Ddocuments/N1MM Logger+/SupportFiles directory – using either of the methods described above – that file can now be easily opened from within the program by selecting >Help >N1MM Logger Manual.

N1MM Logger Discussion Forum

You will find that the N1MM Forum is the most active and helpful resource for gettings answers to your questions about N1MM+. Refer to the >Support >N1MM Forum section for registration and participation information.

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