N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10014 (September 12, 2023)

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  • Only allow Repeat CQ timer to be 100 msec or greater. If the user tries to set a value less than 100 msec, it will be automatically changed to 100 msec. (K3PA)(Coded by N2IC) PA QSO Party: Update to the bonus station. (Coded by K3CT) Multi-Station: If a QSO was logged before the network station initialization completed the receiving computers flagged it with the invalid program version or contest name. Delay the contest name check until the initialization is complete. If a contest name check is detected, display the message as a NIMB in the status window instead of opening a message box. (Coded by K3CT) Multi-Station: Change the invalid contest name message displayed in the Network Status window to display the computer name. (Coded by K3CT) FT-2000: Ignore unsolicited radio command VX* response. (K1TTT) (Coded by K3CT)