N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10024 (September 19, 2023)

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  • Cabrillo Format: Remove last field of the QSO record when not Mult 1 or Mult 2 for the following contests: SPRINTSSB, SPRINTLADD, NSRTTYDUPE, SPRINTNS, SPRINTCW, and SPRINTRTTY. (K3KU, VE1DT) (Coded by K3CT) TN QSO Party: Change the New Contest dialog to populate DXCC instead of "DX" when opening a new contest. (OM2VL) (Coded by K3CT) Entry Window, File Menu: Add menu option to copy all contests to another database. Either all in DX contest or create separate contests (N1MM) (Coded by AB2ZY) Radio Control: Ignore unsolicited radio command MG & VX for several Yaesu radios. (K1TTT) (Coded by K3CT) More tweaks to not overwrite the repeat timer when enabling dueling CQ. (N3QE, AB2ZY)(Coded by N2IC)