N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10051 (October 17, 2023)

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  • Allow self spots in DX & DXped contests (W7VO) (coded by AB2ZY) Score Window bug for Makrothen contest fixed (W6SX, K9YC) (coded by NA3M) Shift+up/down key for vfo/radio 2 was moving opposite to up/down keys. (M0MCX) (Coded by N1MM) QSO Party: For out of state participants, if the telnet spot exchange is populated by call history or log, validate the exchange text. If the exchange text validation fails, classify the spot as non-workable. (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) Respot Mults: External software using broadcast UDP is sensitive to added spots with a small frequency offset. No issue with N1MM Logger spectrum display. Modify the change made in 1.0.9826 to include a small frequency tolerance around the recently logged multiplier. (UI3A) (Coded by K3CT)