N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10103 (December 5, 2023)

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  • UDC Generic Log Format: Increase the frequency column width to accommodate microwave frequency. (W3SZ) (Coded by K3CT) Add RUSSIAN160 contest after major rules changes. UDC version will be blocked in this and newer logger versions. (R2AA) (Coded by NA3M) Fixed Spectrum Window +- and Center when user has changed from Waterfall Bandmap to ExtIO or SDRServer. (N4IQ) (Coded by N2IC) When Blacklist Spotter is selected, all of the displayed spots were being deleted from the AMQ window. This has been fixed to only delete the chosen spot. (Coded by N2IC) 9ADX Contest: New contest, needs testing. (Coded by K3CT & AB2ZY) AHK: When Start/Stop AHK was checked the code did not stop AHK version 2, 64-bit instance. (Coded by K3CT)