N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10120 (December 19, 2023)

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  • 9ADX: Mult-One, add station number to Cabrillo output. (9A3OS) (Coded by K3CT) 9ACW: Remove the contest from the new contest dialog. (Coded by N1MM & K3CT) EntryWindow: Change the format of the status line country information text to make it easier to read. (PA1T) (Coded by K3CT) Set Call History Lookup option on program startup. (Coded by N2IC) Spectrum: extended "Use SDR Server!" warning to 15 seconds duration (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: added option to hide instantaneous signal levels (N2IC) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: added option to set or not set focus when clicking on a Spectrum Window frequency (N2IC) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Don't allow creation of multiple spectrum windows from EW menu (Coded by N1MM) SDR Server: Run separate SDR Server process for each SDR. This was mainly needed for SDR Play devices (N2IC) (Coded by N1MM) SDR Server: Added receiving port address to UI (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum, Spyserver: Center button was not working (W6ZL) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Hid center button for center mode option (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Made Fixed with scrolling and respect sub bands default settings (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Added right-click function to CQ button. Replicates function "Find CQ Frequency above this Frequency" (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: changed dialog to update parameters. Change country description to have spaces around "/" to improve visibility (PA1T) (Coded by N1MM) Fix typo in RTE window (WO4O) (Coded by N1MM)