N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10130 (December 26, 2023)

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  • Spectrum: Fix typo in menus (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Changed menu organization slightly (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Fix for IC-7610 initialization failure (VE3KI) (Coded by N1MM) Fixed error in country description introduced in previous version (K3CT) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Ability to zoom was lost on close/reopen of spectrum window (Coded by N1MM) N1MM SDR Server: improvements to error messages (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Add "End of support" message for I/Q via ExtIO to spectrum startup (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Associated radio was not being set properly (K9MA) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Save zoom level by mode (Coded by N1MM) Fixed runtime error in SDR Server (W4RJF) (Coded by N1MM) UKEIDX: Correct ADIF import error. (EB5A & VE1DT) (Coded by K3CT)