N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10230 (March 22, 2024)

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  • In NAQP, allow self-spotting if category is assisted, or multi-op. Fix for flickering Call Frame caused by ESM by mode change (many) (Coded by AB2XY, N2IC, N1MM) Station Information: Disable the Rover QTH input box when the contest selection is not Rover/Mobile. (KK4BZ) (Coded by K3CT) Available Window: The table at the top of the window does not display mults for the WARC bands. If you do not want to see the WARC band mults, disable the band(s) with the right click menu option. (K9CT) (Coded by K3CT) Available Window: SO2R, if the user placed both radios on the same band and right click on spot feature is used, program the inactive radio to the right click spot. This change needs additional testing. (N3RD) (Coded by K3CT)