N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10235 (March 26, 2024)

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  • CQ Repeat was not working when using the MMVARI Engine (Coded by N2AMG) When {TIME2} was in the F2 function key and pressing F2 with no call in Entry window after qso was logged always sent 000 instead of last sent time (Coded by N2AMG) ESM by Mode: When the user and station settings do not exist, change the default for the three ESM modes to OFF. (Coded by K3CT) Allow self-spotting in NM QSO Party. (N5NA) (Coded by N2IC) Telnet: Eliminate a RunTime Error on program exit. (Coded by K3CT) LZDOMESTIC Contest: Prompt for the QSO interval earlier. Prevent the user from entering an overflow number at the prompt. (LZ2XA) (Coded by K3CT)