N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10242 (April 2, 2024)

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  • ESM by Mode: When CTRL+M or the Config menu is used to change ESM On/Off, update the ESM by mode setting for the current focus window mode. Prior versions ignored the ESM setting change when the per mode setting was unchecked. Update the ESM setting when the radio mode is changed. Change Entry Window Status line to include the mode in the ESM On/Off message. Update both Entry Window buttons when ESM is turned On/Off. Eliminate the Per Mode ESM menu. (Coded by K3CT) ESM by Mode: Bug fix in Digital Interface and IOTA contest. Introduced in prior program version. (Coded by K3CT) Change Band Command: Update the second Entry Window Band Panel indicator when the radio band is changed with Ctrl+PgUp/Dn. (K2YR) (Coded by K3CT) Band Panel Buttons: Add FM to the phone mode indicator. (Coded by K3CT) Fixed New Version check when unable to get correct version info from server. (Many) (Coded by N2IC) GCUP (Gagarin Cup 2024): corrected contest start/end time, Call History file updated (Coded by NA3M) First One Wins Blocking: Function key messages that do not cause the transmitter to key were being blocked from executing when first one wins blocking was enabled and the partner transmitter was active. An example would be a function key containing {StackAnother}. (K5PI) (Coded by K3CT)