N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.10316 (June 11, 2024)

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  • FDREG1: Change start time to 13:00 if August or later. January through July the start time is 15:00. The stop time to 24 hours later. (DF7GB) (Coded by K3CT) FDREG1: Remove the special instruction text. (DK2OY) (Coded by K3CT) FDREG1: Change the QSOError function to not log a QSO unless a number is entered. (DF7GB) (Coded by K3CT) FDREG1: Change HB to be the same as DL. (HB9CZF) (Coded by K3CT) FDREG1: Contest class code cleanup. (Coded by K3CT) Removed Password Required prompt when using Score Reporting. (N3QE) (Coded by N1RM) Fixed warning messages in three functions (No visible changes) (Coded by N1RM) CQWPX: Max band changes for M2 category was changed from 10 to 8. (S52KA) (Coded by K3CT)