N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9248 (August 24, 2021)

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  • WFD contest: multiplier column name Mlt was added in Score Summary window. (Coded by NA3M) WFD contest: fixed bug in score calculation. (KB9LGS) (Coded by NA3M) RDAC: Remove Multi-One timer. (NA3M) (Coded by K3CT) MultiStation: Clear Entry window status line blocking message when transmission ends. (Coded by K3CT) Network Status, Options tab: Changed blocking options and operation to include blocking ("first one wins") or stopping ("last one wins") operation. The blocking/stop options do *not* need to be identical on all computers. When all block/stop options are unchecked, there is no network blocking. Blocking/stopping is entirely dependent on reliable computer networking. Blocking/stopping does not function when sending transmissions with radio commands. The two block options that include band and/or mode do not include any mult-one or mult-two rules. Two mult-one rules are supported, CQWW DX and ARRL DX. The ARRL DX M1 rule contests are: ARRLDXCW, ARRLDXSSB, ARRLRTTY, 10MRTTY, CQWPXRTTY, IARU, RUSDXRTTY, SPDX, FTROUNDUP. Please notify the team if other contests use the ARRL DX multi-one rule. (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) MultiStation: Removed undocumented blocking for Russian DX, RDAC, and Dxpedition. The block/stop options are the same as the other contests. The blocking/stop options now need to be set for these contests. (Coded by K3CT) MultiStation: Added a status message when footswitch First One Wins and network blocking are both enabled. This is not advised. (Coded by K3CT) MultiStation: When station blocking is enabled and a station link fails, show a NIMB when a transmission starts indicating that recent and current transmissions may violate the rules. (Coded by K3CT) Multi-One: If the contest does not use the CWWW DX multi-one rule, do not prompt for Run/Mult, force the proper mode. (Coded by K3CT) Multi-Two Dialog: Dialog answer was always forced to Run2 mode. (Coded by K3CT) Networking Initialization: Eliminate the intermittent Frequency = 0 on startup. (Coded by K3CT) FTDX101 Radio: Sub VFO not enabled when sending a spot to the VFO. Needs testing. (WX3B) (Coded by K3CT)