N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9310 (October 12, 2021)

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  • Added debugging to catch multi-station network error. (Coded by N2IC) Converted ComboBox in log selection dialog to multicolumn. Eliminated seperate contest type display box. (Coded by AB2ZY) Allow CW & SSB messages to be sent from Bandmap buttons (Coded by N1MM) Fixed problem with path of ini file for CWGet in CW Reader window (UI3A) (Coded by AB2ZY) Add import/export to bandmap button edit dialog (W1UE) (Coded by N1MM) Added include 73 messages to WSJT Decode window filter menu (K3MM) (Coded by AB2ZY) Fixed problem in WSJT decode where color for new decode cycle changed prematurely (N1EK) (Coded by AB2ZY) Fixed points displayed in WSJT Decode List (W1RM) (Coded by AB2ZY) Digital: Fixed typo stopping fix for GMFK being selected when mode set to no change(Coded by N2AMG) For TS590 and TS890, when changing frequency, send the mode before the frequency. (Coded by N2IC) Fixed problem with CTRL/Shift + PageUp/Dn where SSB mode was not switching from LSB to USB and vice versa (DJ2VA) (Coded by AB2ZY) Log Type Selection - signal error if sent exchange is not numeric (S57AW) (Coded by AB2ZY) EDI Export - deleted blank lines in header and added email address (TT393) (SM0IKR) (Coded by AB2ZY) UDC: extended list of arguments for /QsoErrorString/ parameter. See updated _UDC_Help.txt (G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M) Show keystroke combinations for band buttons in tool tip (Coded by N1MM)