N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9335 (November 9, 2021)

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  • Version 1.0.9335 (November 9, 2021) When using ctrl-alt-shift to activate a bandmap button, the active radio button is activated. (Coded by N2IC) Added diagnostic code to understand split issue some users have seen. (Coded by N2IC) UDC: QsoErrorString = Any was not working, fixed (SQ9S, G4OGB) (Coded by NA3M) SS: Prevent RTE when entering invalid CK. Use Esc to restore original CK (KA1IOR) (Coded by N1MM) Removed extra blank RHBBS tag (S51FB) (Coded by AB2ZY) K4: When sending a wav file with the radio codec send MI2; to the radio before playing the wav file. Send MI0; to the radio when the wav file ends or is stopped. Note, this switches the radio back to the front panel MIC connector. (N6TV) (Coded by K3CT) MultiOp: Enable the {LastPassedFreq} macro in a phone function key message. Parse and voice the passed frequency with Logger+ Audio. (LB3RE) (Coded by K3CT) Band Change Warning: If the contest selection has a band change rule, open the Info window for display. When the band change counter is at the maximum or above the band change limit, display a popup message in the Entry window. (Coded by K3CT) Macros: For CW & SSB function key messages ignore the {RX} and {ESC} digital macros. (VE6AQ) (Coded by K3CT) Omit CW messages from Entry Window status bar tool tips (WW3S) (Coded by N1MM)