N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9397 (January 4, 2022)

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  • SDRServer: eliminate residual signal display when changing bands (Coded by N1MM) About window: Made OK button full width (Coded by N1MM) Fix {OTRSP xxx} macro to handle any OTRSP command. (K1XM) (Coded by N2IC) QC QSO Party: Added new QSO Party. (Coded by K3CT) ON QSO Party: Add scoring for mobiles, change to Cabrillo 3.0, change to logging "DX" instead of DXCC, added two special callsigns. (Coded by K3CT) Statistics: Add title line to print files (Coded by N1MM) Statistics: Fixed RTE when printing files (Coded by N1MM) Statistics: Displayed missing FontSizer (Coded by N1MM) Statistics: Forced correct font sizing when opening and refreshing (Coded by N1MM) Fix spot UDP message when comment contains special characters. (DF1LX) (Coded by N2IC)