N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9532 (May 10, 2022)

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  • Changed SpotFilter to use "RTT" instead of "RTTY" for RTTY spots. Done to enable dxspider which is not compliant. (G4UJS) (Coded by AB2ZY) Changed EAPSK31 to EAPSK63 (EC3A) (Coded by AB2ZY) Revised point calculation for the ARRL International Digital Contest (W1UE) (Coded by N2AMG) Summary Window: Add contest name. (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: Added Announcements tab. Used to announce DUPE and QSO errors via a soundcard primarly for sight impaired operators. Either or both announcements can be disabled and the enabled/disabled state is saved by Operator. The user must provide the two wav files which could be a voice message or error tone. Note: There are some contests that require the exchange to be known to determine DUPE. When using a seperate announcement soundcard, adjust the playback audio level with the Windows audio panel. (Coded by K3CT) Logger+ Audio: When any of the three single soundcard playback options are selected apply the state of the Internal Radio Codec checkbox to both VFOs (SO2V) or radios (SO2R). (Coded by K3CT)