N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9688 (October 18, 2022)

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  • Grayline needed to repaint spots when maximized/restored (LA9RY) (Coded by N1MM) Multiplier window: Restore expected mults more often (NA3M) (Coded by N1MM) Multiplier Grid Field Window: was not changing mult to QSO color when logging a multiplier (NA3M) (Coded by N1MM) Fixed RTE when sending macros (W7DM) (Coded by N1MM) FTDX101, FTDX10, FT5000, FT2000, FT1200, FT3000: Changed TX and RX commands to use the MX command to fix PTT via Radio Command. (Coded by N2IC, N1MM, K3CT) Added Ham Spirit contest (HAMSPIRCW, HAMSPIRSSB) (Coded by NA3M)