N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9768 (January 3, 2023)

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  • RAC Section Changes: Updated Section file for the RAC sections effective Jan 1. (Coded by K3CT) Winter FD: Rules changes. (KB9LGS) (Coded by K3CT) Check Window: The Check window exchange panel display can be enabled for contests that use Section and Misctext text box/fields. Enabled this new functionality for FD and WFD contests. (Coded by K3CT) Contest: Applied the Check window Exchange pane function updates to the contests that were already enabled (QSOParty & OBlast contests). (Coded by K3CT) AHK: Eliminate the RunTime errror if the AHK script ends before program exit. (AC0W) (Coded by K3CT) Eclipse QSO Party: Change the name, start & stop times, and url. (AF8A) (Coded by K3CT) Skeds: Announcement window did not appear at the sked time. Corrected sql time format and added code to display the announcements at the beginning of the minute. (Coded by K3CT & AB2ZY) Skeds: Using the sleep button corrupted the Sked database table. (Coded by K3CT & AB2ZY) Bandmap: Clicking on the CQ button did not set the correct AFSK digital radio mode. (WB0TEV) (Coded by K3CT) Copyright changes (Coded by N1MM)