N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9870 (April 18, 2023)

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  • FT991 & FT991A: Send mode before frequency. (KE8NLE & N7CKJ) (Coded by K3CT) ON QSO Party: Rules changes. (VE3KI) (Coded by K3CT) Operator Settings: Operator ESM selection does not set the Entry Window controls correctly. (K1TTT) (Coded by K3CT) Info Window: Operator callsign nine letters long does not display all characters. (K1TTT) (Coded by K3CT) CQM: Turn off the band change timer for multi-one/two. (K1TTT) (Coded by K3CT) Talk Window: Open window or bring to front when an incoming talk message arrives. (IU4AZC) (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) Talk Window: When the talk window form is opened by an incoming message, populate the send text line with the default "* " to send to all stations. (Coded by K3CT & N1MM) UDC: minor changes in _UDC_Help.txt file (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M) UA1DZ Cup (DZCUP): Updated to new rules, added warning message if special country file cty-CQM.dat is not loaded (coded by NA3M) Block updating wl_cty.dat for contests using cty_CQM.dat file (GCUP, DZCUP, CQM). (coded by NA3M)