N1MM Logger+ Update 1.0.9894 (June 20, 2023)

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  • Operator Callsign: If you enter a operator callsign (Ctrl+O) greater than 256 characters the operator file can not be saved. Limit the operator callsign to 15 characters. (DJ3EI) (Coded by K3CT) FDGOTA: Bug, FT8/4 QSO record is not inserted into the QSO database. Change the Cabrillo name to ARRL-FIELD-DAY. (W2XYZ) (Coded by K3CT) ID,WI,WV QSO Party: DX station, correct the contest setup dialog exchange check when generating Cabrillo files. (OM2VL) (Coded by K3CT) FD: AM contacts are not scored with 1 point. (N7CKJ) (Coded by K3CT)