Update 1.0.10205 (March 12, 2024)

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  • Allow {Spotme} without time restrictions when sent from a bandmap button. All other restrictions still apply. (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum: Added "Settings" menu item to duplicate functionality of the "<" menu (Coded by N1MM) Non-visible changes to radio support code. No side effects expected (Coded by K3CT, N1MM) Telnet: raise error when using SH/DX while unassited (Coded by N1MM) Telnet: Add not being assisted to the reasons given when clicking the "Why don't I see spots button" (Coded by N1MM) Logger+ Audio: Eliminate RTE, add a user message when the selected sound does not have a volume property. (Coded by K3CT) NEWE QSO Party: Enable self-spoting, change all abbreviations. The IN, 7QP, DE, NEWE, and IN7QPNE all need testing. (Coded by K3CT) IN7QPNE QSO Party: Enable self-spoting now that the other QSO parties this weekend allow self-spotting. (Coded by K3CT) QSO Party/Entry Window: Eliminate a run time error in the Band Panel display with QSO Party. (Coded by K3CT) MO QSO Party: Enable self-spoting. (KK0U) (Coded by K3CT) Added code to count those installations that may be using OneDrive for N1MM databases (Coded by N1MM, K8UT)