The Statistics Window

The Statistics Window

The Statistics window can be found under View > Statistics in the Entry Window. New in N1MM Logger+ is provision of graphical as well as tabular presentation of data. Select either by clicking the tabs at the top of the screen.

Statistics   TitleScreen

Or you can present the same data in graphical form. Be forewarned, this is not a PJ2T log – that call is just an example.

Statistics Graphical

The graphical representation really comes into its own when the data are more complex. For example, if you want to know at a glance which bands were most productive when, graph hours versus bands.

Statistics   BandsVsHours
Typing with the Statistics Window open
During a contest, if you are checking Statistics and a station comes back, just start typing. The statistics window will go to the background and every typed character will go to the Entry window.


The Statistics window allows you to select almost all database fields from a contest for display in tabular form by row and column, or in graphical form. The following table explores the options and their usefulness in various contexts.

OperatorYYcompare operators. Only useful when running Multi-operator
RadioNrYYonly useful when using more than one radio
ModeYYuseful in mixed contests
CountryPrefixYNworked number of stations per country or mode
SectionYYused in many domestic or local contests – may equate to province, oblast, ARRL section, etc., depending on the contest
CKYN2 digit number used in Sweepstakes, formally denoting the year first licensed
PrecYYPrecedence used in Sweepstakes to denote class of entry
Mult1YYmultiplier, or first multiplier in contests with more than one
Mult2YYSecond multiplier in contests with more than one
Mult3YYThird multiplier where applicable
WPXPrefixYNprefix as determined by WPX rules
GridSquareYY4-character of grid square
Run1Run2YYuseful when doing SO2R
MiscTextYNContest specific information
ContactTypeYYBlank = qso, “D” = dupe, “N” = non-workable or zero-point station (same country in CQWW, for example)”
IsRunQSOYYTo find out how many QSOs were made while running, rather than S&P.
DayYYfirst or second day of the contest
Mode & BandYY
Exchange1YYUse in some contests (like WAE to show QTCs)
Old Contest Data
Old contests may not have valid values in fields that have been added since the contact was logged. The number of contacts shown on screen and printed on the summary sheet are without dupe contacts.

File Menu

  • Copy All – Copy the contents of the window to the Clipboard, either as text or as a graphic
  • Print – Print the statistics table to a printer. Font can be set by user. Also prints graph displays if supported by your printer
  • Print to File – Print the statistics table to a file. This function is greyed out when a graph is being displayed.

Example Statistics

Try these examples with an old log:

Country PrefixBandAlwaysQSOs per country per band
HourOperatorMulti UserQSOs per hour per operator
BandOperatorMulti UserQSOs per band per operator
Grid SquareBandGrid contestsQSOs per gridsquare per band
BandExchange1WAE and some otherShow RQTC and SQTC info

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