New Website Features

At first glance the new website looks exactly like the old website, but under-the-covers things are very different. Some of the most significant improvements are the following:

  • Reduced Web-Page Count – the material in the N1MM Manual consists of 31 web-pages, reduced from the previous website’s 104 web-pages. Fewer but Larger web-pages should eliminate much of the page-flipping when looking for answers with a browser’s ctrl+F find function
  • Expanded Menu – navigate to one of those 31 pages directly from the drop-down menu
  • Search and Advanced Search – it works. It’s fast. Sorted by relevance. Search terms are highlighted on the page
  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests – (>Support >Trouble Tickets) Transparent, search-able. Read your BRs and FRs on-line. Read postings from other users, and the Dev Team’s responses, before deciding if you need to submit one
  • Explorer-like File Download – click-able hierarchy should be easy-to-use and very familiar to anyone using Microsoft Windows
  • Single-table Supported Contests List – all 400+ supported contests are listed in one table that can be sorted, searched and filtered. Rather than having to know where to look before you look: Is this a UDC contest? An HF contest? A QSO Party? …

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