New Website Features

At first glance the new website looks exactly like the old website, but under-the-covers things are very different. Some of the most significant improvements are the following:

  • Reduced Web-Page Count – the material in the N1MM Manual consists of 31 web-pages, reduced from the previous website’s 104 web-pages. Fewer but Larger web-pages should eliminate much of the page-flipping when looking for answers with a browser’s ctrl+F find function
  • Expanded Menu – navigate to one of those 31 pages directly from the drop-down menu
  • Search and Advanced Search – it works. It’s fast. Sorted by relevance. Search terms are highlighted on the page
  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests – (>Support >Trouble Tickets) Transparent, search-able. Read your BRs and FRs on-line. Read postings from other users, and the Dev Team’s responses, before deciding if you need to submit one
  • Explorer-like File Download – click-able hierarchy should be easy-to-use and very familiar to anyone using Microsoft Windows
  • Single-table Supported Contests List – all 400+ supported contests are listed in one table that can be sorted, searched and filtered. Rather than having to know where to look before you look: Is this a UDC contest? An HF contest? A QSO Party? …

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  1. The new 2019 Copyright notice at the bottom of each page should read “N1MM Logger +”. It is now showing “N1MM Logger Plus”.

  2. Good night .
    My name is Leonardo I’m PY1CC from Brazil and I’m glad to have this program I use a lot for CW contest.
    I want to congratulate everyone who has made this wonderful program.
    Hug to everyone.

  3. I always want to read the description of changes before downloading, but the history page is several versions behind at this point. it would also be nice if there was a link to the described version on that the history page like the old page had so you don’t have to remember which one you read about and then go find it in an explorer view.

  4. Fred Orsetti

    To the team great work and thanks for all you do.

  5. I am trying to find the “Bug Reports and Feature Requests” section of the website, but with no luck. (Is it implemented yet?)

    Trying the search leads me back here, and that would be fine if the “The New Website Features” page had direct links.

  6. Hi Larry,

    Just a bit on downloads.
    The menu propose two “buttons” that drives you to the named folder from you can get things.

    Both are some basically shortcuts to the explorer view which takes time itself to load and needs close attention to select right file to download.
    It would be nice to have, at least for the most 3 downloaded files (Full Intall, Latest Update and Full Pdf Manual), to just click and get the file without navigate into file explorer.

    My 2 cents.
    73 IW2EMD Donato

    • Donato,

      Thanks for that suggestion. In some cases, like Full Install, we usually have a brand-new user and want them to see the instructions before they get the file.

      But in other cases, where a long-term user just wants to get the file, we can adjust the link to go directly to the file. I will work on those items and adjust them accordingly.

  7. My biggest problem with the website has always been trying to find the UDC. I still do not find an obvious link to get there.

    • reklaus (?no callsign!),
      Not sure which UDC you have trouble finding:
      – the UDC Supported contest list? = >Documentation >N1MM Manual >Supported Contest List
      – The UDC Contest setup list? = >Documentation >N1MM Manual >Supported Contest Setup
      – The UDC Editor? >Appendices = >UDC Editor
      …or use the now-working Search function

  8. The way the How To Videos are listed under Support appears much better than the way they are listed under Hot Topics.

  9. Greatly improved gents. Works a treat.

  10. Larry, making the topics titles ‘links’ to the text works great.
    Great idea Rod!

  11. Team – new site looks great. Thanks for the work to improve it.

    After looking a little at the FAQ page, would it help to have the FAQ topics titles only listed in a searchable page without all the supporting text but with links from the topics to the text for each topic? That way you can more quickly scan the topics if your search doesn’t come up with what you want.

    I’ll keep poking around and thanks again! 73, Rod/w7zrc

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